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I get many emails with questions about watches.  Before emailing me, please read the below information, thank-you. I have a regular job and all this is on my free time.

I will usually answer most emails, but if the email is not appropriate to the below guidlines, I might not be able to answer the mail. Sometimes it takes a while to answer.

I receive many questions about watches. I have listed some questions and answers below, along with some general information which will allow for a directed, focused approach.

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Here, you will find links to some watch discussion forums, a 'place' where many people with considerable knowledge of watches will visit, along with some true experts. The benefit here, is you are asking your questions to many people.  Not only can you learn more about your watch, but others can as well.

General Guidelines for emails.

0. Watch pictures on this site were taken by myself, and are copyright Alan's Vintage Watches.

1. In general, my watches are not for sale. However, I do from time to time sell off some of my watches. If you do have interest in a watch you could email me, but there is a very good chance I am keeping it.

2. Please do not ask me to determine the value of a watch you own, or to determine what is a 'good price' on a watch you want to buy. I will not respond to these emails.

1. Many watch 'company' names are very obscure. Before emailing me about an obscure watch name, read the below information pertaining to them. Obscure watches are dealt with below, and this is a very important section. Sometimes you have to make peace with your vintage watch.

3. If you can scan a picture of the watch it may help with your question.

4. I am not an expert on watches. Any information I give you is non-professional. What you do with your watch is entirely up to you.

5. I cannot determine whether it is a good idea or not to sell your watch, or to buy a particular watch you are interested in. These choices are generally individual.

6. I am asked sometimes to recommend a watchmaker or watch repair facility. I do not make any recommendation. The best first place to look is locally, to find a local 'watchmaker' solve your repair needs. Local watchmakers can solve most problems.

7. I do not have any records of watch company serial numbers, or other obscure numbers on watches. It is all like a bunch of hieroglyphics to me too. Mailing me those numbers in the hopes that I may tell you more about the watch will not yield anything useful.

8. Thanks! - see immediately below for Obscure Generic Watches.

         'Obscure Watch Names'
      aka: 'Generic Swiss Watches'

This relates to a lot of the email I used to receive! Please read.

Question: I own (or owned, or lost, etc) a watch by 'Obscure Company X,' it has 'Company X' on the dial. I have never heard of this watch company, have you? I am looking for others like it, or I am interested in buying one like it, or I would like to see what other types of watches they manufactured, or I would like to learn about the history about the company.

I just want to know more.

I have searched the entire web for this brand, and I can't find  a single thing!. It is like the company just disappeared.

A: Firstly, if you have searched high and low, looked all over the internet for this watch or watch company, and have come up with nothing or very little, there isn't much chance that I will know much or even anything about it. It is very likely that I have never heard of the 'brand' at all, or I've only heard of it by name, but nothing more.

There were many many watch 'names' maybe a thousand or more. Some were true watch manufactures, or 'watch houses,' and others were more like 'watch companies' which put together are sold watches under whatever name they had chosen to put on the dial. These are collectively referred to as 'generic' Swiss watches, or 'assembled' watches. It doesen't mean they are bad, just that they are not made by a 'manufacture' of watches.

The 'famous' manufactures include but are not limited to: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, IWC, Longines, Heuer.. These companies often made their own movements. They may have bought some parts from other suppliers, or more commonly contracted with companies to make parts.

There are other tiers of quality vintage watches, and in my opinion, these 'other' watches are alright. These are the generics. They may have 'oddball' names, but most are just fine. The firms which made them usually never mactured a single component, but nevertheless put together the watch and sold it. To the public, this is transparent: you were buying a 'Viladia Sport Exactomatic' watch, it seems. But again, they weren't watch manufactures in the sense of developing, machining, and creating a unique watch all their own.

Many of these assembly companies made a large number of watches over many years, but others were probably very transient. These firms made a limited number of watches, promptly went out of business, and essentially vanished, never to be heard from again. .

This is why sometimes it's almost impossible to track down not only watches they made, but even any trace of information

Any jewelry importer could 'make up' a brand name and have a generic Swiss firm build say, 500 of these watches. While the paperwork might exist somewhere, often the only record is advertisements from old horological journals and trade publications. I have none of this information.

I don't mean to discourage anyone from looking for their watch, but I wish to make it very clear that sometimes the most extensive search will hit a dead end. . If you Google the 'Valida' watch company, and it turns up zero, that is telling you something.

Sometimes you just have to let go and just enjoy the watch for what is.

*****    I call this 'making peace' with your vintage watch.    *****

I am not a watch historian, and I do not have access to records, or serious details about various watch companies. I have no information about serial numbers of watch companies.  Sometimes you just have to make Peace. This applies to a lot of things in our lives I believe.

I hope this answers some questions, explains something about watches, and helps you to refine what it is you are looking for.  See links page, for other watch-related websites. These resources are very valuable. 

If you have read the FAQ above,  and your questions have not been covered, and have answerable questions, or a scan to send of your watch, please email me. Thank-you! Now, click the below link.

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