Everyone needs to own one of these watches. Just one. I don't care what color, style, or size, but it has to be a Swatch. These are, really, the perfect watch. Inexpensive, very durable, disposable, and utterly reliable.  Swatch rescued the Swiss watch industry from oblivion.   User can replace battery. Great for riding the bike, swimming, changing the oil of your car, anything. I wear it usually when I'm worried about roughing up the usual vintage watches I wear. You can see it's still in fine shape. Everyone needs one of these. (Recently I bought another Swatch (and keeping true to my beliefs, I gave this orange one to a friend in Wisconsin. You are only allowed to keep one Swatch. If you collect Swatch watches you need to go on Amitryptiline.) Here is what I did to the Swatch logo, case obliteration project.
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