Here is a little break from watches, an advertisement card for wrist watches.
This ad for Bulova watches has local Chicago interest. 'Yards' is the neighborhood where the great, famous stock yards existed. Here millions of Hogs went to Hog Heaven. Chicago is where they wrote books about how humans fell into the mixing vats and turned into sausages, meat really is murder.
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Timex Marlin 1953 or 1954
One of the best vintage Timex watches of all time if you ask me. This is the classic 50s Timex for every man. Inexpensive, easy to read, good looking enough, durable, reliable. What more do you want? Below is a closeup of another 50s Timex. How more honest can a watch look?
Basis Watch, Mysterious Dial / Crystal
Strange Basis watch. The first picture is the crystal and case. You can see the metal hour numbers and marks are imbedded in this odd crystal, which features a bumpy, bubbly central portion where the glass is like a bunch grapes. Taking out the movement shows this nice dial with a gear-like industrial motif, which I thought might be a seconds disc, but it really is just a dial design. I like both parts of this watch, but when you put them together, it just looks bad. Too much chaos, each not belonging to each other.  I am tempted to have the crystal replaced with a clear one, and convert it to this "minimalist" looking dial with no numbers, but something tells me this strange crystal is sort of unique, so I just might hang on to it as such... weird.