Rolex Submariner ref. 5513, 1967 vintage. My first Rolex, classic Sub
RXW Prolex Zeromaster
Not a copy or a fake, but a line of 'homage' watches to the mighty Rolex. Created by a watchmaker in Japan who must be in love with Rolex. 
Seiko Military SUS 4S15. Very nice auto Seiko, limited production run late 1990's.
Timex 1950's geek chrono-stowatch.

Timex 1954 black dial US Navy wristwatch

My own attempt to paint a watch dial 
Timex Lady Sportster 50s waterproof watch
Timex Nurse watch. Seriously clinical Timex for nurses or fake wannabe nurses
Zeno Sea Hunter. Mechanical dive watch, from Swiss firm Zeno. Perhaps an homage to the famous Omega Seamaster, early version of the watch...
Strange Seiko Compass Watch. A two 'headed' watch for a serious outdoorsman, or maybe a mercenary. Hard to explain, you just have to see it.
Smiths W10 Army Watch. This is one of the last of the all-England watches, a military issue watch made by the Smiths company. Sir Edmund Hillary carried a Smiths to the top of the world in 1953.
Picture Gallery of Vintage Timex Watches.
Russian Watches. Here are some vintage wristwatches, from the old Soviet days. A must see! Here is a Soviet Clock from a MiG
Omega Seamaster 300. Classic dive watch, '60's.
German Wrist miles Planimeter ? strange.. 
Orvin 50's chronograph from Sears! Great dial and hands.
Ingersoll Vintage Watches
Swatch: everyone should own only one.
Nixon Watch: 'Roadie,' with wide black leather strap, though it's anything but 'Hippie.'

Kelton Electric wall clock, 'kitchen clock' 1948 atomic styling.

Timex Gold Marlin 1950's Usually I hate gold, sometimes you make exceptions.
Rolex Explorer ref 1016, vintage 1969
Omega 1948 eccentric dial, classic watch.
Seiko 5 Automatic: case swap project. Ugly watch becomes beautiful.
Crystal replacement project: Low profile vintage glass, Omega US Army
Russian Boy's football watch.
Hilton Mystery Dial. What is the mystery?
Russian Medical Watch Slava Craba, very nice.
Wittnauer Automatic, TV shaped dial, pink color, steel
Timex Automatic, Arab language market? Persian?
Sputnik Watch: 50 years of Space Exploration. 
Mechanical *Kmart* watch from 70's!
Digital mechanical 'direct read' jump hour watches.  (Or, 'Why I find these absolutely dreadfull')
GE x-ray interval darkroom timer 1954 nerd heaven
TOKYObay repro 50's 'vintage' watch Large!
Playskool? Timex? Pink!?
J Crew Timex Military Reproduction
Timex Marlin Reissue 2017 - repro of vintage 1965
Timex "Sprite." Very rare, mysterious blue, 1971.
Timex Sprite 1971-1973. Target, bullseye, whatever you call it. Tons of info & pics on this iconic Timex.
Modern re-creation of the iconic Timex "Sprite." The "Mod" watch by Todd Snyder x Timex.
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