From here, you can view the site in different ways, from different directions.

 As mentioned in the intro, this site originated in 1999, and has been modified and updated. However the "core" of the "old" site has been left intact.

I suggest you start with FEATURED WATCHES, but have a look and see what interest you:

1. FEATURED WATCHES. In 2018, I created this avenue for display of my watches. Each watch has its own photo, kind of a large thumbnail (full size, really) so you can browse the page and see if the watch appeals visually to you. Click the link or the pic, and get the a more extensive page with lots of pics, and info about the watch. I really like this format, and it's probably a good way to start with this site. Many but not all of the watches I've ever owned can be seen here; some I've sold off and don't have enough pics to make a page. For those early watches, see below.

2. The original pages. The original incarnation of this site, was sequential pages, sort of like a story. Each page showed a few watches and descriptions. May feel a bit "dated," and the pics are not as good as I'd take today. But you may find it fun. Some of the watches can only be seen here, as I no longe have them to take any more pics. Don't miss some of the "side links" on the pages, which take you to other stories.

3. The next way I don't really recommend but I'll list it, because it exists. Around maybe 2008 or so, I made something called "Watches I Wear." It was meant to reflect my current interests. But this is very incomplete and does not come close to showing all my watches, but if you want to have a look, here is the link. Each watch has a pic and you can click to get to a page.

4. Last method is not a main method for seeing the site, is really like an index page or a very poor quality "sitemap" of the old, early site, the story-type pages listed in number 2 above. No pics, but if you are looking for certain watches, you can CTRL-F to find the names easily, and maybe that can be useful, like if you only want to find BULOVA, or OMEGA.

I hope you like it.

My friend has said, 

'Any collection of anything is really what the art world calls a conceptual act. The more conscious the concept, the more interesting the result.'

(Did people really leave their babies outside in prams when they went shopping, to be supervised by dogs and toddlers? 
Alan's Vintage Watches.

Here are the watches.