"Tara Sport." This wristwatch has a very busy-looking dial, with various scales for timing sport events. It has two pushers on the side for starting and stopping the second hand. The dial is deeply black and there is excellent contrast between the various dial and hands elements. This is one of my favorite watches. Click here for another picture of this Tara Sport
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"Tara Sport" Watch
Here is the same watch, with white dial. I don't know what the weird scales are. What is the "Telemetre" scale in red, going from 1 km to 20 km?  Seems to measure distance somehow. What about the spiraling dial in the middle. Anyone know, please enlighten me! Here's another picture of the white Tara.
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Postscript: I found out how those crazy dial telemeteters work on the phony chronos (or real chronos) above. Here is a good link which explains a lot.
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What's the story with this crazy looking watch? More on these strange mechanical creatures, later in the site...