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Watch X-ray Page
Take a look inside a watch, as the x-ray reveals the internal architecture.
Electron Microscope 
See the inner workings, surface blemishes, and overall "terrain" of two vintage watches at very high power. Unusual images.

Glowing Dial Pictures
Green! Radium / luminesecent dial pictures taken in long darkroom exposures.

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Sputnik watch, and 50 years of Space Exploration
Hi, this is Alan (About Me).

Thanks for visiting Alan's Vintage Watches, the premier site for... well, haha, this is a "premier site" for nothing! 

But it is an extensive, non-commercial site dedicated (mostly) to vintage watches. These watches are almost exclusively watches that I currently or previously owned, and the photos are mostly mine. After this short overview of the site, there will be a link to the watches!

I began this site in 1999, as a way to share with people what I have learned about watches, and to get in touch with others who share similar interests. 1999 was long before Instagram, or other social medias as we know them. Web forums were in existence, and were a great way to connect with other hobbyists. But I wanted a place, under one roof, where I could archive my watches for others to see and learn about. (Continued below).
(Btw, if you don't want to read all of this short story, I don't mind. You may miss out on some context and explanation, but I'll give you this shortcut to go straight to the watches.) Otherwise, please read on, you're almost done!

​Anyway, when I first started this site, I arranged it sequentially, like a story in a way. There were numbered pages, and each page highlighted 3-4 watches. When you got to the end of a page, there was a link to get to the next page. Maybe 19-20 pages like this. This set of pages still exists, and you can look through them. They represent the nascent origins of this site, and the watches pictured are among the earliest watches in my collection. You may enjoy browsing the original manifestation of this site. 

Since then, however, I've organized the site in a way that I think may be better, and easier to navigate. I've created individual pages for watches, indexed in a section called FEATURED WATCHES. (Continued below.)
The FEATURED WATCHES pages show lists of watches. For each, there is an image of the watch, short description. This way, you can cruise through the pictures and if a watch catches your eye, just click on the link or the photo to get to a dedicated page about the watch, with many more pics, description, and sometimes other related links.

Let's go to the watches! 

You can also let me know what you think by contacting me, and/or visiting my Instagram page!
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A few additional cool links from the old front page, I decided to leave at the bottom of this revised front page: