Here is a fine American-made watch, click for details and more pictures.
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Here's a Timex from 1977 the year 'punk rock' finally matured and 'exploded on the scene' as it's been said. The dial is in great shape, with dark dark brown background, and the solid orange bar (which really makes this watch) crossing the middle. The white track provides the perfect balance and contrast to the dial. Case is large, heavy and feels good on the wrist. It probably had a cheap black plastic rotating 'dive' bezel, but I like it better without.
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Boy's first "watch?" The Tell-Z-All 9 in 1 !
Basis Sport Watch
Another one of these 40s-50s 'Sport' watches. Generally, low-grade watches, they are often found in non-running condition. This one works ok. They often have strikingly clear and clean dials, like this one. I love all the hooplah, with the various scales, and so on. Lots of false bravado. The red track provides a nice contrast break to the otherwise mostly black dial. Loud ticker, this. Look how lousy the case is, brass shining through.