Wire Lug Watches
Wire lug watches. I have just three of these types, distinguished by a solid arc or loop of metal for holding the band. Most modern watchbands, needing springy bars to fit between the lugs, will not work with these watches. You need either a single long piece of leather or fabric to thread through, or a two piece leather band, where each piece is threaded through the lugs, folded over and glued. What a hassle Generally, these watches are from 20s or earlier, although the above watch is probably not as old. It's a low or no-jewel Basis, but it runs ok and seems to keep time. It is terribly noisy. The thick luminous paint shines quite bright in the dark, but the effect wears off in minutes. It's kind of a wacky-looking cartoonish watch with the green numbers and hands, the yellow center, and the black background. Click here for a low-angle,  picture of this unusual watch. (I have sold this watch to a guy in Japan who begged me to sell it to him.)
Click image for a nice picture from a watch catalog, 1939.
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The watch at left by Gruen has a  better 15 jewel movement. This one is from about 1915-1920, and it also has a second hand. Many of the nicer old wire-lug watches, like this one, were cased in sterling silver. They really will tarnish if you don't keep them shrouded in some kind of protective material.