Croton Aquamedico, this one with a white dial.
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Agora Sport watch. There were many of these Swiss 'Sport' watches, usually made with inexpensive unjewelled, or single jewelled movements. I think their heyday was the 1940s and '50s. Like the Tara watches shown later in the site, I find these to be nice examples of low-grade, loudly ticking Swiss mechanicals. Other companies you will see on the dials of soem of these include Basis, Sinsa, Tara, Eloga, Globa, etc.  I really like them. Click here for more pics of the Agora Sport.
Aquamedico" from Croton. This company is mysterious. They definitely used Swiss movements, but I think they're actually an American brand.  This has a great copper dial, and the white outer track gives good contrast. Twenty-four hour scale in small red numbers. Plated case has some wear. Runs well, it does. Click here for more pictures of this one.