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This is page 2 of the Featured Watches section of the Alan's Vintage Watches site. It's a collection of many wristwatches and a few other odds and ends. For each watch, click the link or the photo to get to a page dedicated to the watch. There is a HUGE page of watches as FEATURED WATCHES PAGE 1. The page became so long, it did not allow adding any more, thus this new page.

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TIMEX Ivory Dial Camper, December 2017. A colorful and stunning version of the ongoing Camper series. This was initiated by TIMEX Japan in November 2015 with a green case Camper, which was a recreation of the 1980s-1990s mechanical Camper. Since 2015, there have been several versions. This one is in many ways a departure from the rest, and is truly spectacular.
TIMEX mini-Camper, from circa 1983. A nice-looking military-style TIMEX mechanical in a green single-piece plastic case. Mysterious, to me. I've only seen this one.
The "Original Camper," November 2015. The "revival" of the 1980s-1990s classic mechanical Camper watch. Review and "origin story" of this amazing rebirth. "Since 1964..."
December, 2017. Interesting TIMEX collaboration with It's Nice That, and Camelot, a German typefoundry, to create a watch centered around "typography-led design." it's all explained in the link, but the watch references decades of dial fonts of TIMEX watches to create a bespoke font, with hand-lettered quality. 
Timex Girl Scouts watch, 1977. Mechanical, green and white, excellent shape. About 26 mm.
Timex Marlin Blackout reissue, July 2018. Mechanical watch. Very similar to the earlier Timex Marlin reissue, from November 2017, this one has a black dial, and steel color hands. A reverse of the earlier version. Very nice. Sold exclusively through Todd Snyder New York.
TIMEX "mini" Camper, circa 1983. This small version of the classic Camper Watch appears to be very rare. Here it is on the left pictured next to a magazine ad featuring the watch, from 1983. About 24 mm, mechanical. No luminous. See link for more details. Let me know please if you know more about it.