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This is page 3 of the Featured Watches section of the Alan's Vintage Watches site. It's a collection of many wristwatches and a few other odds and ends. For each watch, click the link or the photo to get to a page dedicated to the watch. There are other pages of watches as FEATURED WATCHES PAGE 1., and FEATURED WATCHES PAGE 2. and

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Archival Department of Defense-approved TIMEX MIL-W-46374B, November 1981, housed at the TIMEX archives in Middlebury, CT, found pictured on a Japan TIMEX web page, that looks different from all other known examples of this watch. Worth checking out this page if you're at all interested in the MIL-W-46374B, or MIL-W-46374 series or military watches in general.

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WESTCLOX "Johnny Zero Air Force" pocket watch, 1960s. A kind of weird one, where there is no hour hand, but instead a disc that rotates with the hour, with seven time zone / city designations. There were five other pocket watches in the Johnny Zero franchise (all pictured at the link) and there does appear to be a real historical figure named John D. Foley, where Johnny Zero was derived.
Uncommon, probably very rare, SMOOTH BACK version of a 1980s TIMEX Camper Watch. Virtually all of these Campers you see will have a textured, "bumpy" or rough surface back. And a small resin-injection port on the back. This one, from 1983, has a totally smooth back. This smooth back is identical to the MIL-W-46374B TIMEX military contract-bid watch. I suspect they were made on the same type of mold. All other Camper backs look different. Read on for more details.
Special Edition TIMEX Easy Reader, created to celebrate the opening of the TIMEX Tokyo Store, April 2017. It is sizeable, 40 mm, and the Indiglo has a surprise "Easter Egg," when you push the button. Nicely finished watch.
Unusual TIMEX with Skull on the dial, and "AS" on the skull's forehead. From a seller in Hong Kong. I can't find out much about it. Here it is in Indiglo. The dial is black. See more.
This is really an exceptional TIMEX. It's from 2016/2017, a Japan TIMEX product, collaboration with the apparel store COEN. It is a Weekender model, and I say exceptional because the dial and hands design has just that much more to it that than the usual Weekender. I was also quite pleased to learn about some of the corporate philosophy behind the COEN brand.
25 HOURS IN A DAY. A very special TIMEX, from April 1, 2019. The 25th Hour Watch. TIMEX has created an extra hour of time. It had taken them over 165 years to develop this technology. Leonardo Da Vinci was also partly credited. More details here. TWENTY5TH HOUR.
A very special TIMEX here. This is the "IT'S TIME" Camper collaboration watch between TIMEX and MAKNA, a Jakarta-based "award-winning collective group and creative company," who "develop ideas for branding, social media activation, and all other visual elegance." 

The watch was designed in Indonesia, and had a very limited edition release, with just 250 pieces made. It is also the only TIMEX I have seen featuring longitude and latitude coordinates on the side of the box (which map to Jakarta.) It appears to me as a very intentional creation, and if you are asking what "IT'S TIME" means, click here to find out more. TIMEX model TWLB10100.
Rare find! Early TIMEX Camper watch, probably 1983, unused condition, with original box and labels! TIMEX model 29911.
May 2018 TIMEX x Todd Snyder Beekman watch, homage to a late 1950s TIMEX called Southampton.
TIMEX Chicago Cubs Weekender watch, 2018, TIMEX Japan exclusive. Clean, bright, and fun design, better than the other Cubs watches I've seen.
TIMEX x Nigel Cabourn Football Referee Watch, June 2019. This is the second watch from TIMEX/Nigel, and it is based on the designer looking back at his boyhood in the 1950s, and his love for the game of football.

1950s Ingersoll Football Referee's Timer / Stopwatch. The wristwatch in the entry immediately above this one was designed, in large part, based on this original timer.

TIMEX PUZZLE Skeletonized Watches, two watches one from1987, another from 1989. Small, 25 mm, designed for kids. Quartz movements. TIMEX did not make many skeleton watches, so these ae kind of special. 
TIMEX Skeletonized Camper, aka "Jellyfish Camper," [Official name "TIMEX × BEAMS BOY / 別注 Original Camper CLEAR"]. From June 2019, released by TIMEX Japan and BEAMS BOY, along with another with black lettering and hands, in collab with BEAMS. They are both really pretty cool watches.
YMC x TIMEX Camper watch, with case color in "Burnt Rubber Brown," (with a subtle dark-blue dial!). This is a pretty nice collaboration project, with really pleasing results. YMC = You Must Create, London, Seoul. 
TIMEX x Carhartt WIP Camper Watch in grey, October 2018. Italian warranty. 
TIMEX LATIN! And PINK. This December 2018 collaboration with Goodhood London has an inscription on the dial NIL BONI HODIE DIEM PERDIDI. It is kind of a cautionary motto, and obliquely can be seen as about our own mortality. To see the translation, and to learn about that color ("SHOCK PINK") go to the article.
2010 TIMEX automatic watch, TIMEX x Miyota? Is this some kind of hybrid movement, a TIMEX and a Miyota? Actually, no, it's a movement made by Miyota, which they stamped TIMEX, for putting into the T-Series of watches. Fore more, see the link.
2010 TIMEX x J Crew Military-Style Watch with white dial. There was an earlier version in 2008 with a black dial, and aside from color they appear identical.
Another 1950s Ingersoll Football Timer Watch. Scroll up to see another Ingersoll football timer with a different design, in orange. This one has more of a Modernist feel, sort of "Swiss design."
Aristo 1950s or 1960s sports timer for football and basketball. Stopwatch style, 50 mm.
TIMEX x Keone Nunes watch, August 21, 2019. Keone is a traditional Hawaiian practitioner and tattooist, and the watch and strap incorporate design elements of traditional tattoo. 
TIMEX x Wood Wood 38 mm "GET LOST" Watch in Black, September 2019. All about nature.
TIMEX Marlin California. The first-ever "California Dial" from TIMEX! A Japan TIMEX exclusive, November 2019. Roman and Arabic numerals for the hours.
October 2019 TIMEX x SOPH. x END. Camper / Mk1 watch in white. Purchased directly from the END. shop in London.
What?! This ultra-rare mechanical digital watch from TIMEX! It's not mine, unfortunately, but belongs to Guy, in the UK. More information, read on...
Timex x Nano Universe bespoke Camper Watch with California Dial, Japan Exclusive, December 2019.
1966 British-market Timex. Marketed for children, seen in British catalog in a section titled "for youngsters." Nice and simple design, with some flourish for the numerals.
"THE LAST MECHANICAL." Well, this is very interesting. In June 1996, Timex issued a very limited number of watches (only 700) that were meant to be, at the time, the last mechanical watches they ever made. It was to be the end. The swan song for the mechanical. Well, Knut, a Timex collector and expert in Norway has one, and he kindly provided all the pictures for this page. A must see!
A very unusual Timex Camper collaboration! "Timex Japan x Snow Peak × relume Journal Standard Outdoor Fun Time Camper." Missing most the hours, except 4-7 o'clock. All about sunrise, sunset, rituals and important activities at the beginning and end of the day, spending time with friends and family, making meals, spending time outdoors and with nature, and in disconnecting from our highly connected world.
LOOK CAREFULLY! The familiar and beloved "Bullseye" Sprite model from Timex has WATERPROOF on the dial. Most of these will have WATER RESISTANT. Also, there is no luminous material on the dial, while most of these will have it along the 1-12 numerals. What is going on? Read on to find out.
FAKE TIMEX! What? Yes. Here is a bootleg version of the famous Timex Camper Watch. Notice it is made in Hong Kong, has no TIMEX logo, but has the trademarked Timex waterproof logo. It is a mechanical watch from the 1980s. I found it kind of amazing to come across a fake Timex, but the article explains the potential reasons for such a thing.
1968 Timex FUN TIMER in red. This case for this watch was like the proto-Camper, and it was based on the repurposing of a military trial watch Timex made around 1966-1967. 
DOLLAR STORE BOOTLEG TIMEX CAMPER. Here is a watch retailing for 500 yen ($4.55) at the Daiso stores in Japan. It is an unbelievably good watch, for less than the price of a CUP OF COFFEE. Please do read on...
The Timex Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic, November 2019. It is quite an amazing watch, so I won't say much at this intro, but you really should check out this watch.
1950s LEWIS'S Timex. A small watch made by Timex, in Scotland, for the British department store Lewis's. Note the rare fixed lugs, for a Timex. 
2001 re-issue of an unusual Timex watch, the Ben Hogan Fairway model that clips to your belt while you are golfing.
1988 Timex AEROBIX watch helps you determine your heart rate with a large red button. Plus, an ad showing this watch, and other other models.
Early 1950s WATERPROOF Timex, made in Great Britain. I believe this watch pre-dated the creation of the "Marlin" title for many of the full-size waterproof Timex watches. This could be as early as 1950 or 1951, but I'm not sure. Let me know if you know.
Small 1950s Timex, likely ladies' watch, with nice dial, cream color, and dark hands and numerals. Crystal was bad, so most pics will be without the crystal. British made, with V-CONIC stamp on the back.
Timex Nurse Watch, 1988-1991, made in UK. Pendant watch, hangs upside-down.
1968 Timex Mercury, hand-wound, having acquired a striking, and relatively even, green patina from copper oxidation.
Two 1960s watches, on the right a Timex FUN TIMER, on the left a Swiss "A GoGo," both with similar exaggerated dials. Who did it first? Not sure. But I am sure about WHO DID IT BETTER.
KELTON 1930s or 1940s driver watch (missing the wrist part).