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This is page 4 of the Featured Watches section of the Alan's Vintage Watches site. It's a collection of many wristwatches and a few other odds and ends. For each watch, click the link or the photo to get to a page dedicated to the watch. There are other pages of watches, as FEATURED WATCHES PAGE 1FEATURED WATCHES PAGE 2and FEATURED WATCHES PAGE 3.

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The earliest TIMEX watches! March 1950 catalog / sales sheets meant for retailers, so they could "preorder" the soon to be coming new TIMEX watches. A rare document, quite interesting. With price sheets, ordering info, etc.
June, 2020. The "Art of Pride" watch from Timex x Todd Snyder recreates in a new modern style a 1977 "Color Flicks" classic Timex. The watch uses a hand-wound mechanical movement. At this page are links to the 1970s originals.
Timex x Nigel Cabourn "Sea Survival" Camper Watch in Yellow. Third watch in the Nigel/Timex collaboration, pays tribute to RAF pilots during WWII.
Timex Archive Mk1 MECHANICAL 36 mm in steel. The first mechanical Timex "Camper" watch since the 1990s. Hand-wound movement. 
Timex T-80 x Pac-Man! 40 years of Pac-Man and the T80 digital, two classics from the 1980s!
Quirky 1950s Timex, with just BRITISH written at the bottom of the dial. Has a fair bit of character. Notice anything about the 12?
1993 wind-up watch with classic styling, featuring an often used black dial ring. Made toward the end of mechanical watches, at Timex.
"ATTENTION K-mart SHOPPERS!" Yes, this is a K-time branded watch, sold through the legendary retail giant K-mart. From 1970s.
"SeiyaJapan Original Watch Automatic A167." A military style watch 38 mm watch, created by Seiya Kobayashi of Seiya Japan. Robust steel case, very good dial, premium Miyota movement.
Timex Calavera, from Timex Mexico, 2019. Designed for the multi-day celebration of Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, an important pre-Columbian tradition in Mexico. 
Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA, Fall 2020. Highly faithful reissue of a 1980s multi-function watch with a hybrid digital and analog LCD display.
HOW WE SPEND OUR TIME. Six Timex watches with themes and focus on time. I don't mean just telling time because it's a watch, but on reflections on how each of us spends our free times, how we value time, and what would we do if we had more time? Six watches, with internal links to each watch.
ANALOG LIFE! Here is a striking Timex Camper with a wonderful pink dial, and design by Japanese artist Face. The concept of "Analog Life" was developed by anna magazine, which talks about the "joy of living in analog," and asks us, "let's enjoy analog life!" Not just about an analog watch, but a lot more. Click to check out more.
Huckberry x Timex "Cola" Sport Watch - Limited Edition. A very nicely-designed watch, not a reissue, but a watch inspired by 1970s and 1980s design created from a blank canvas. 
Timex Fun Timer, 1968. A Late Sixties Timex that was a consumer offshoot of an earlier 1960s military trials projects.
Ingersoll "Wrist," 1925. Here's an unusual wristwatch that's nearly 95 years old! 
Timex x Nigel Cabourn Naval Officers Watch. Watch dial inspired by a 1940s H.S.3 Royal Navy Deck Watch by Zenith. Fourth collaboration watch with the British designer. In 36 mm steel case.
Timex x Universal Overall Original Camper [U2103TXUO] March 2021, limited to 300. Look carefully at the dial on this watch, it is very unusual. It is all about work, "quitting time," zones of leisure, when to sleep, and the importance of the work/life balance. More info, see the link!
Timex Model 40 Electric Watch, circa 1969. Never sold as a stand-alone wristwatch, only as part of a 3-way dashboard desk clock.
Q-TIMEX 1978 REISSUE. This beautiful watch may be one of Timex's best reissue so far. Updated with a steel case and a leather strap. it's solidly built, very nicely and designed and has been a joy to wear.
Timex x NN07 "Take Your Time" M79 Automatic Watch. A very nice auto, limited edition, 777 pieces. Look at the blue dot at 7 o'clock. Click link for more.
Timex x Coca-Cola UNITY COLLECTION T-80 digital watch, made as part of a capsule collection of three watches, celebrating 50 years of an iconic television commercial. August 2021.
Timex Waterbury GMT 39 mm. Not a reissue, but a new model made in a heritage style, recalling the famous GMTs, but with its own character and style. A very fine watch.
Q Timex 1975 Reissue. Another flawless re-creating of a vintage original with meticulous attention to original details. 
Sterling Sillver! A very special Timex. Sterling Silver Mechanical Timex Camper, limited to 50 pieces, by Timex Japan and BEAMS

TIMEX × BEAMS / 別注 CAMPER Silver 925 3針ウォッチ
Timex x Todd Snyder "The Modern Art Watch." 

An example of "Color Field" art, this is a very nice modern homage to a mysteriously rare 1974 European-market "boy size" Timex.
TIMEX Waterbury HODINKEE Dive-Style, Limited Edition, November 2021. This is a solid watch with an automatic movement, It shares some features of two classic "tool watches" from the 1950s.
Q Timex 1972 Reissue - Red Dial, Goldtone Case. Issued in 2022 to celebrate 50 years of Timex quartz watches.
Timex Waterbury Dive Automatic watch. April 2022. A super fine watch with an equally super fine bracelet!